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LG G6 Coupon

LG G6 Coupon , We are in the month of February and this is one of those important months for the smartphone sector considering that the new year starts with desire after a quiet month of January when it comes to presentations. In this case we have to highlight the lows in the presentations that will be carried out in the framework of the Mobile World Congress, but we will not have to wait long after the event to see more models in the market. This time we are going to talk about one that will take many looks at the MWC, the LG G6 and the leakage of its possible price: $ 750.

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It does not seem that this price is the one that said the mark in its day but we can not stop to think that the LG G6 adds a good handful of improvements and changes with respect to the current model, the G5, in this case it seems that the prices that were thought In the beginning will not be feasible and would end up increasing a little more the final price. Taking into account that the $ 750 we warned at the beginning are without the corresponding taxes in Spain, the device would rise slightly more than the 699 euros that cost LG G5 this year, arriving at a price perhaps too high for users.

LG G6 Coupon Code

There are no official data on this and we always have to keep in mind that these are leaks and rumors that come to the network from different sources, and it is almost a month away for presentation. In short, it may be that the forecasts that stated in the day that the price of this new flagship of LG would cost between 500 and 600 euros, are wrong, but this will be seen with the passage of the days. It is always better to think that it will cost 700 euros and then this one is inferior, that to think that it will cost less and then take a glance

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