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CAT offers a collection for years (albeit with a few models) of smartphones and feature phones rugged (the so-called indestructible). After CAT S30 and S40, the lower-end, now also in Italy is available the new jewel CAT S60, announced a few months ago (February 2016) and finally in circulation. In this case it is a model that can compete on equal terms with many higher-end smartphone that does not have so many of his qualities.

We try through Speeka that there has provided a specimen for our tests. To guide our readers, we specify immediately that this is a very original smartphone, with many unique qualities, available to a domestic price to 570 Euros. The device is the result of the work of the British Bullitt with the CAT brand and integration of FLIR technology on the thermal camera, its flagship. We recall in this regard that FLIR also produces additional modules of thermal cameras for Apple systems and Samsung, but in this case the thermal camera is integrated in the smartphone.

CAT S60, the description

CAT S60 is unmistakable. It comes in a polycarbonate shell, with the obvious metal profiles, reinforced cast aluminum. Measuring 14.9 × 7.3 × 1.2 cm, important dimensions, such as the weight of over 220 grams. E ‘immediately highlights the ledge above, required to host-based Flir thermal camera technology. And the orange metal latches at the speakers and microphones, which will serve to protect your smartphone from the infiltration of water, depending on the depth of immersion. Yes, because CAT S60 can withstand and operate without damage up to 5 meters under water for 60 minutes. Even under water can be used even to take pictures and record video.

Along the frame will easily pick up the volume control keys on the right and on the left, in addition to the power button knurled, just below, is evident an extra button, customizable in its functions, type PTT, so we can assign the function to activate the app to use your smartphone as if it were a walkie talkie. This is pre-installed and is called Zello. Of course, it may be disregarded PTT operation and can be assigned to any other function button.

CAT S60 3

CAT S60 2


CAT S60 – Get ready to dive, sealed the hatches
Well protected by two shutters, still below, include a SOS button, red, to launch an early warning in case of difficulty (with the settings you customize addresses and contact mode) and the microUSB connector for charging, closes the series, virtually on the left edge of the cover that protects the entrance to a minijack headphone / microphone. On the lower front are the usual buttons for Android smartphones, knurled and rough finish for a perfect grip even with gloves and on the back is very obvious the cover to insert a nano-sim dual and expansion of microSD Memory Card .

To the left of this door there are the LED illuminator, powerful, the camera and the thermal camera, which will be discussed later. The interior of this smartphone is not accessible, it is hosted by a 3800 mAh battery that well, as we are committed, we were never abandoned before the end of the second day of intense work, without reloading. A real plus.

Unlike many proposals in the field of rugged, CAT S60 comes with the latest version of Android, 6.0, Marshmallow, awaiting the arrival on the market of Nougat. It is a 4G smartphone (Cat 4). The display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4, and the panel has a HD resolution of 1280 × 720. ‘A panel Super bright 4.7-inch a-Si ahva and will be difficult to tell the difference even with full-hd lower quality panels.

CAT S60 has a double rear camera for photos, and uses a 13 MP sensor while the front camera has a 5 MP sensor, and of course the FLIR thermal camera. The heart is a MSM8952-3 Qualcomm cpu, in practice it’s Snapdragon 617, midrange CPU. The smartphone uses 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM, expandable up to 128 Gbytes. All in all a budget balanced.

With regard to the impermeability of the plate data clearly explain how the smartphone is able to withstand, while continuing to operate, falls up to 1.8 meters and is IP68 certificate and according to military standard MIL-SPEC 810G for shock and falls , certification is CAT4 as regards the vibrations, with the option to operate between -25 degrees and 55 degrees centigrade. In short, CAT S60 is a true champion.

This level smartphone has accelerometer sensor, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, and compass. Obviously CAT S60 have GPS sensor, Glonass, aGPS and Beidou.

 CAT S60, user experience and thermal camera

CAT S60 is a really exciting smartphone. Since the installation. The rear door, for insertion in a few moments of double nanosim and microSD, is a solution that even very noble consumer vendor should imitate. Then we start to discover all the features. Some we have already explained, for example Zello the operation of which we recommend you assign the orange button, pressing which you can talk directly as you would with your two-way radio with friends, colleagues and relatives (they just have Zello installed themselves on a any smartphone).

Zello is supplied pre-installed but it is a normal app available on Google Play, and for iOS but Windows Phone. The orange button CAT S60 will return very useful for example to immediately contact a colleague in the pipeline, or family member. Zello uses WiFi and 3G, but has an immediacy of use is lacking even WhatsApp.

The second important difference comes from the SOS button, simply press it the first time to be able to customize its mode of action, we have made sure that when pressed send a text message to a loved one reporting that we need help, even in this case the ‘application can be and should be especially in the professional field, for example, to immediately report an accident at a construction site to the manager.

CAT in its S60 has customized the software supplied with very prudent choices: App Toolbox is a kind of portal to access the app more useful in their own yards, or outdoor life, according to a segmentation by topics (sports, business, social, weather, safety and enterprise: is very useful for professionals.

CAT S60 – Pictures MyFlir by the thermal camera. Note, however, as evidenced detailed objects
For example, there are also a well-chosen app to learn how to tie knots, or to measure distances or do surveys. With Hike instead it has available the compass, a torch light, a SOS signaling, data relating to barometer, GPS position, Speaker Dry is important to manage the proper functioning of the speakers once they have been immersed in water. And finally we come to the application most important MyFLIR namely, to use the thermal camera.

FLIR is a company specializing in video surveillance, with a catalog a series of solutions for the thermal observation and infrared. In this specific case FLIR uses, provided exclusively, the MSX technology. With the camera’s thermal sensor are recorded images and video even in timelapse. E ‘can take advantage commercials pointers to record a specific temperature at specific points. The thermal camera does not stop recording even in front of smoke point drapes. MSX stands for Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging, it is a technology that can detect the edges of objects and to show the thermal image detail.

In this specific case with the app MyFlir you can capture photos, videos, panoramic run and exploit also timed readings over time, with an initial length of time for the first reading, all presettable. It ‘also possible to combine the thermal photograph an actual photograph, for a better analysis of the scene, as well as choose different color display mode, relatively to the temperature that remains always evident in scale on the smartphone display, for immediate quantification of the phenomena.

CAT S60 – Pictures MyFlir catch with a different color profile
With spot metering, you can memorize the precise temperature of a single point. Here are some photos in our article that provide a good idea of ​​the operation. After you take the pictures they are stored as normal pictures on the smartphone also ready for sharing. The app allows a number of customizations and settings.

In our testing has shown reliable, obviously the detected temperature is that of the object surface, and of course one can not expect the ability to detect temperatures of the pipes behind the walls, or tiles, but as far as all that is visible at a reasonable distance, we think it might be a good auxiliary tool used in the field.

Overall the CAT S60 proposal (available with Speeka) is well formulated and balanced. In our tests we were found to be improved sensitivity to WiFi signal, slightly below expectations and the setting of the ambient light sensor, then compared to the brightness of the display. Very well the audio industry, the overall usability even when wearing gloves. CAT S60 in our opinion is to be promoted with flying colors.

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